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Civil Appellate Attorney
When I was six years old I got my first story published, and I have been writing ever since.
As an undergraduate I attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Ilinois. I was a theatre major. After Northwestern I went to UCLA . My first graduate degree is an MFA from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television.
After getting my MFA from UCLA, I worked as an independent filmmaker. I directed two feature films, Odd Birds and Bread and Salt. (Google my name sans the "Esq" and you will discover all sorts of nefarious things about me.)
Aside from filmmaking, which was not exactly a revenue producing endeavor, I taught part-time at UCLA, USC, and Los Angeles City College. In the early nineties I was full time faculty at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. I taught screenwriting and film production.
In the late nineties I enrolled in Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. I graduated in the top 20% of the class, and I passed the bar on the first try. I was sworn in as an attorney in June 2000, and I have been practicing law since then. I love doing it.
I am a story teller by nature, and I love to tell my clients' stories. This is what a lawyer does. She tells a client's story -- the facts -- and tries to persuade a judge or jury that the law as applied to those facts entitles the client to the legal relief that she seeks.
I practice appellate law exclusively. Please see the other pages in this website for an explanation of my approach to legal writing, my rates, and a list of the appeals that I have done. I have been sole appellate counsel on every appeal that is listed. I would, however, consider working with trial counsel if such an approach would be appropriate in a given case.
Throughout this website I have referred to the "justices" who sit on the Court of Appeal ("Appeal" - singular). I am referring to the appellate courts in the California state court system. For federal cases there is the Court of Appeals ("Appeals" - plural). Judges (not "justices" ) - Federal Circuit Court Judges - sit on the Court of Appeals. These judges like to quip, "There is no justice in the Ninth Circuit." I am licensed to practice in the California state courts and in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
I have designed this website to impart simple, basic information for the benefit of litigants who wish to appeal an adverse decision (appellants) or civil litigants whose opponent has filed a Notice of Appeal, and therefore must respond (respondents).
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