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I am or have been appellate counsel on the following cases.
Bayto v. Doyle (Sixth District) -- reversed -- represented Appellant
Daniels v. Ramirez, et al. (Second District)  -- dismissed as moot -- represented Appellant
Diamond Construction & Design, Inc. v. Pan -- affirmed -- represent Appellant
Estate of Elbert Hall, Jr. (Second District) -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
Ghadrdan v. Gorabi (Second District) (2010) 182 Cal. App. 4th 416 -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
Hill v. Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Los Angeles  (Second District) -- settled -- represented Appellant
In re J.D., a minor (Third District) -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
La Manna v. Yassian (Second District) -- settled -- represent Respondent
Lantz  v. Workers Compensation Appeals Board  (Fifth District) (2014) 226 Cal. App.4th 298
Levy v. Levy (Second District) -- reversed -- represented Appellant
Liu v. Sun, et al. (Second District) -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
Marriage of Bonvino (Second District) -- reversed; (2015) 241 Cal.App.4th 1411 -- represented Appellant
Marriage of Lafkas (Second District) (2007) 153 Cal. App. 4th 1429 -- dismissed for lack of appellate jurisdiction -- represented Appellant
Marriage of Lafkas (Second District) (2015) 237 Cal. App.4th 921 -- reversed -- represented Appellant
Marriage of Gray (Second District) -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
Monarch Consulting Inc. v. Alliance Group Entertainment (Second District)  -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
Mottaghi v. Law Offices of John J. Reed (Fourth District, Division Three) -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Inc. v. Oyeyemi (Second District) -- reversed -- represented Appellant
Padilla v. Marchisette (Fourth District Division Two) -- settled -- represented Respondent

People ex rel. Great American Ins. Co. v. Ferguson (Fourth District Division Three) -- reversed -- represented Appellant

Quattlebaum v. Tincher (First District) -- affirmed with directions -- represented Appellant
Redbean House Corporation v. Colonnade Wilshire Corporation and Charles Dunn Real Estate Services, Inc. (Second District) -- pending -- represent Appellant

Reno Air Racing, Inc. v. McCord -- 452 F. 3rd 1126 (9th Cir. 2006) -- reversed -- represented Appellant

Ronald P. Slates, APC v. Gorabi (Second District) -- (2010) 189 Cal. App.4th 1210 -- affirmed -- represented Respondent

Sabbath v. Isak (Second District) -- affirmed -- represented Respondent

Samuels, et al. v. Merrill (Second District) -- affirmed -- represented Appellant

Singh, et al. v. Ripinski, et al (Second District) -- settled -- represented Appellant

Sotto,et al. v. Merrill, et al. (Fourth District Division Three) -- reversed -- represented Appellant

Tradewind Consulting v. Wildcat Distributors (Second District) -- reversed -- represented Respondent

Wells Fargo Bank, National Assn.v. Rolling Willow, LLC (Third District) -- reversed -- represent Appellant

Whitney v. Sunnyside Transportation, Inc. (Second District) -- affirmed -- represented Appellant
I have also filed a Petition for Review in the California Supreme Court that was granted.
The case was Lantz v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. This case was a writ. Typically I do not do writs -- only appeals. However, a Petition for Writ of Review in a Workers' Compensation case is just like an appeal. I filed the writ in the Fifth District Court of Appeal. It was summarily denied. A summary denial means that the Court of Appeal did not consider the arguments. They simply refused to consider the merits of the writ. Then, I filed the Petition for Review in the Supreme Court and the Petition for Review was GRANTED. The Supreme Court sent the matter back to the Fifth District with instructions to consider the writ. Unfortunately for the applicant, however, the Fifth District upheld the decision of the WCAB and denied benefits.