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If you want to visit your attorney in a sumptuous office located in a towering and stately office building, I am not the attorney for you. I am a one-person operation. I work out of my home office. I do this for two reasons: 1) Low overhead saves my clients money; 2) I absolutely despise office buildings. A sterile office stifles my creativity. I answer the phone. You will not need to get through layers of assistants to speak to me. Furthermore, I actually like my clients. Each client is the protagonist in his or her story, and I root for my protagonists!
I write. The work I do is creative. Appellate work consists of research and writing. A case is won or lost based upon the quality of the written briefs. Although the Court of Appeal hears oral argument, the written brief is the tool of persuasion. The Court has usually made a final decision prior to oral argument. In fact, the Court's opinion is actually written prior to oral argument. Oral advocacy will affect the final outcome of an appeal only in the rarest of circumstances.

I have represented appellants in a total of 22 completed appeals where my clients pursued the appeal to final written opinion by the Court of Appeal (published or unpublished). Of those 22 completed appeals, one appeal was dismissed as moot. In eleven appeals where I represented the appellant the Court affirmed the trial court in full. In one appeal the decision of the trial court was affirmed, but with directions to correct an error in the judgment. Nine appeals where I represented appellants resulted in a reversal. Nine reversals is a winning track record. Nevertheless, I can assure you that eleven disappointed litigants do not really care that I have gotten nine reversals for other clients.
Some attorney websites boast that the attorney preserved a trial-court win on appeal. This is valid. An affirmance for a Respondent entitles the attorney to bragging rights. If you are an appellant, however, ask any attorney you contact if he or she has ever gotten a reversal.
Recently, I have gotten 3 reversals in a row. Such success makes me enormously excited, gratified, and confident. Nevertheless, I must admit back to back to back reversals are a fluke. One of these reversals translated into a savings of 3.5 million dollars for my client. Her decision to appeal was handsomely rewarded. Your appeal, however, could mean simply throwing good money after bad.
On a separate web page, "Jeanne Collachia's Appeals," I have listed each case that I have handled as appellate counsel. I have noted if I represented the Appellant or Respondent, whether the case was affirmed or reversed, and the citations for the published cases. I have seven published cases.
My overhead consists primarily of the expenses related to my Westlaw subscription. Westlaw is a legal database that I use to do legal research. Aside from good writing, painstaking legal research is the sine qua non (that's legalese for you gotta have it!) of appellate practice. Because I have a low overhead I can offer very competitive rates for my legal work. (If you happen to be an attorney reading this, the other reason I can offer competitive rates is -- believe it or not -- each one of my clients ALWAYS PAYS IN FULL.)
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If you wish to discuss your case with me, please contact me by phone only. (818) 998-1983